Refund policy

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms

1. Customers need to have a valid credit card for availing the products/services of online. can at any time accept or reject a demand made via a credit card.

2.’ support services begin from the moment on which the agreement is contracted and the payment is made.

3. For more than a monthly plan, the service is charged beforehand.

4. If any customer does not get satisfied with the products/services of within a month; the customer will get a complete refund from the organization.

5. If our technicians fail to fix even one issue then we will provide a full refund of the amount to the customer. However, if in case one issue is resolved, the customer will not get full refund. holds the right to cut down a minimum of 25% of the total payment charged.

6. All services, charges and taxes as write research paper online imposed by US Government shall be applicable.

7. We do not save any credit card information of the customers without their consent.